First-step Javascript code
challenges for applicants.

Dear hiring manager...

If you hire Javascript devs, you get an amazing amount of applicants who just can't write code. Your developers spend hours per month reviewing these applications and doing phone screens, only to realize many candidates can't write a for loop.

What if you could save expensive dev time by skipping pointless phone screens, without pissing off qualified applicants?

️⭐ Send super-simple code challenges as a first-line test.

️⭐ Automatically graded.

️⭐ Trivial problems won't annoy people who can code.

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Why trivial challenges?

  1. If your candidate can code, they're in demand — you don't want to make it difficult for them to apply.
  2. A surprising number of candidates can't solve simple problems (see FizzBuzz). You don't need hard problems as a first line of defense. is written by Taylor Campbell of manythingsblue, a delightfully tiny software company located in the woods of Virginia.